Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My first foray into Blogging

I grew up loving food, both my mother and gran are great cooks and always encouraged me to join in.

I was always something of an experimental cook and never got around to writing down even my most successful creations. However recently I realised that this ended up being a waste of time as I was constantly recreating the same dish but not necessarily getting it quite right the next time around.
So I decided something had to change so I purchased myself a small Moleskine notebook and started writing down my recipes. This has been working pretty well so far and I certainly intend to keep on using it. I would really recommend it to anyone who enjoys creating their own dishes.

However I am an IT Guy by profession and so I figured maybe I should get a little more hi-tech and so here we are with a new blog.

My aim is to keep a record of meals I have enjoyed cooking and their recipes, also wines I have enjoyed drinking plus probably a few more things here and there along the way.

My plan for dinner tonight is a simple Carbonara with some new additions.

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